How To Send Money to The Philippines
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this ebook will help you learn how to send money to your girl or How to access you Pension or other income once you are in the Philippines

I have been living in the Philippines for more than three years now.  I sent money to the Philippines for a couple of years before I got here.

The number one question I get about living in the Philippines is "How do I get my money once I'm in the Philippines?"

It really isn't complicated but I can help you with who to use and why.  I can help you reduce cost and tell you why depending only on your ATM card is a bad idea.

How To Send Money To The Philippines

I will tell you which companies I use and the problems I've had with each.  I will also tell you how to reduce those problems.

  • Sending Money to The Philippines Made Easy
  • Reduce The Time it Takes To Get Your Money
  • Learn How To Reduce Your Transaction Fees
  • Problems With my PayPal ATM
  • Learn how to make it look like your PC is connected from the USA or Europe
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